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Forgotten Music from the

For the first time in more than a century, Jeffrey Hunter and the Orchestra of the Gilded age have brought back to life long-forgotten music from the era of the American Civil War.  These forgotten tunes, published in both the Union and the Confederacy, celebrated major figures, places, and events of the period, including Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Fort Sumter, the Battle of Gettysburg, and Pickett’s Charge.  Now, they live once again in lush, rich arrangements for full orchestra.

Join us as we celebrate these forgotten moments in American music history.

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The grandest of Victorian balls, those where the elite of society gavotted and waltzed their way through a splendorous evening, employed an orchestra of the finest musicians to entice guests to dance. Here in The Grand Victorian Ballroom the echoes of that same sumptuous sound are recreated once more by the Orchestra of the Gilded Age, beckoning ladies and gentlemen to the most opulent of dance floors, where flickering globe lamps cast their warm, yellow glow.
In the full, rich style of the period, Jeffrey Hunter has recreated orchestrations of longforgotten, cherished dance tunes from the decades of the Civil War and its aftermath.

Much of this music has not been heard in over a century. Mr. Hunter has brought it back to life with all the elegance and flair of the era. You can almost hear the rustling of skirts as you step into the Grand Victorian Ballroom.

Audio samples are available on the "Our Music" page.

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